Do You Have a Drain That's Slower Than Molasses?

Call for drain cleaning services in Rathdrum, Coeur D'alene, Post Falls, Sandpoint, ID & Surrounding areas

When you have a tough clog, turn to the experts at Drains Plus. We provide drain cleaning and rooter service for residential and commercial clients in Rathdrum, Coeur D'alene, Post Falls, ID and surrounding areas.

We use a snake with a double blade to cut through roots, and our powerful hydrojetting service will blast through nasty grease. Our hyrdojetter sprays high-pressure water through the pipes to remove every stoppage.

You can also rely on us to perform a camera inspection of your sewer lines. We'll snake our high-tech camera into your pipes to find any breaks or obstructions in your lines.

Call 208-772-0475 now to get a free estimate on the service you need.

Why should you rely on us?

Why should you rely on us?

When you need reliable drain cleaning and rooter service, turn to the pros at Drains Plus. You'll want to choose us for all of your drain cleaning needs because:

  • We can snake any two- to four-inch drain
  • Our rooter service is guaranteed for 30 days
  • You don't pay if we can't clear the blockage
  • We charge by the line, not the hour

Get rid of tough clogs right now with the help of Drains Plus-arrange for a service appointment in Rathdrum, ID or the surrounding area.